DH Awards 2019 Ad Campaign#

Need some fun? We’ve got it right here! We put together this ad campaign for the DH Awards 2019 where we won first place for Best Use of DH for Fun (tie) and 3rd place for Best Blog (also a tie).

DSC 'fun' ad DSC Kenner dolls ad

DSC Valentine's Day ad DSC Jessi and troublemaker ad DSC Dawn ad

1990s calendar ad No dolls ad

Everybody's talking Creepy doll DSC collector club

DSC ad, localized for the UK Men can cook and women can do text analysis

Text analysis: it's as easy as desktop publishing for kids DSC 33rd grade learning adventure

DSC Planner ad Time is running out Vote is still open

Have we convinced you? Go vote in the DH Awards 2019 now!