Important Public Health Messages from the Data-Sitters Club about COVID-19#

Also compiled as a Facebook album.

Art is great, but take it easy on the matching t-shirts, okay? Have you seen your wallet lately?

Karen's a substitute teacher! Your lemonade is unsafe, Karen. Bad haircuts are better on Zoom.

Virtual birthday parties are a disaster. Are your kids picking up your bad habits? Stay back from dogs, too.

Virtual fishing is more fun Too many boys at the beach. No, do not drink bleach.

Quit breaking all the rules, Mary Anne! No risky activities! It's birdwatching season!

Help out around the house instead of complaining about having the same thing for dinner again Kill some time by lying to  your kids about how old gadgets work! It's hard keeping kids entertained.

Jessi misses the pool Throw a birthday party on Zoom! Just put on a mask, kids!

No one can tell you have a bad haircut on Zoom. It's okay to not be a domestic goddess. Don't go to the playground, Mary Anne!

Don't let relatives talk you into going to an Easter party. Don't give up, Mallory! Having clear guidelines for asking questions in Zoom classes is important. The terrible truth about hugs and childcare.

Stop touching people, Dawn! California schools are out for the year and it's good news for Claudia! Cleaning the house with kids seemed like a good idea

6 feet of distance means back off, jerk! Kristy the Zoombomber Boy-crazy Stacey

Mary Anne's laptop overheated on Zoom How's homeschooling going? Try contact-free take-out, Stacey!

Jessi and the jewel thieves Jessi's horrible prank Mimi had better not be going to Costco

Kristy and the snobs The Schafer-Spier family Stacey and the bad girls who don't do social distancing

Get out of the library, Mary Anne! Boys and gym are canceled